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a multitude, before creation (2011)


available from the composer

duration 10:05


fixed media


Program Note

a multitude, before creation, for fixed media, is the second of a collection of compositions exploring the technique of massive replication and time-shifting.   a multitude, before creation takes a recording of the music of Giovanni Gabrieli as its source, subjecting it to time stretching, then dozens, hundreds, thousands and eventually millions of replications, all time-shifted by tiny increments, to create an unearthly sound that is still recognizably harmonic in places.

The piece takes its title from the biblical conundrum of creation--angels are not mentioned in the creation stories of Genesis, so they must have existed before creation...but nothing existed before creation...

a multitude, before creation was premiered in May, 2011 at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, UK. 

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