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Capriccio (1977)

I.     Jazz Waltz

II.    Allemande

III.   Capriccio


published by Crown Music Press

duration ca. 5:00




Program Note:

The piece is in three short movements and lasts about five minutes. The first is a Jazz Waltz in a moderately fast 9/8.  The second movement is a slow Allemande in 4/4 which begins lyrically, moves to a dramatic climax and closes with a return to the lyric feel of the opening. There are touches of a jazz feel to moments of this movement due to the use of syncopations, but it is not as overtly jazzy as the first movement. This movement gives the player a chance to show off dramatic dynamic and registral changes. The final movement is a light and quick Capriccio with constantly changing meters. There is a modified return to the dramatic section of the second movement, a short development and enhanced restatement of the opening, and a cadenza-like ending, with some passages in senza misura notation.  


Capriccio was premiered by Carter Stanfield, trombone, on February 21, 1978 at the University of Georgia.


Technical notes

Difficulty: college. The most difficult problem is in the second movement, where a rather loud high section is followed quickly by a subito piano low section which moves somewhat quickly around trigger Db and D.

Score: engraved

Range: First movement: low F (bottom of the bass clef staff) to A a sixth above middle C. Second movement: Db below the bass clef staff to C an octave above middle C. Third movement: low C two octaves below middle C to C above middle C.

Extended Techniques: Flutter tongue and some jazz ornaments: rip, flip, scoop. An optional trill may be added to the last note (not written in the score).

Published by Crown Music Press:
Charles Stine, Crown Music Press
612 Sedgwick
Libertyville, IL 60048 
(708) 549-7124


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