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Divertimento for Woodwind Trio (1978)


I.     Prelude

II.    Rustic Dance

III.   Love Song

IV.    Urban Dance

available from the composer

duration ca.9:50



oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon

Program note

A light-hearted four-movement suite, my Divertimento came upon its title through sheer popular acclaim--while researching woodwind trios of earlier composers, I noticed that the vast majority were divertimenti, and thought I would stick with a good thing.  The Prelude begins with a doubly dotted rhythm alluding to the historical French Overture, then introduces a short chromatically twisting figure and finally superimposes the two ideas.  Inspired by Bartok, my Rustic Dance takes a simple tune in 7/8 through its paces.  The Love Song counterpoints a lyric song with a rising chromatic line, and is dedicated to my wife (then girlfriend) Lorrie.  Finally, the highly syncopated Urban Dance converts a 12-tone melody into a jazzy fugato.  The Divertimento for Woodwind Trio was premiered by Karen Bradley, oboe​; Patricia Ewing, clarinet​; and Sandra Howard, bassoon​​ on May 8, 1979 at the University of Georgia.

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