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Lament (1981)

available from the composer

duration ca.2:30



Program Note

On October 6, 1981, as I was putting the finishing touches on this miniature, I learned that Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt, had been assassinated by an Egyptian army Lieutenant during a military parade.  In spite of his many flaws, I had seen Sadat as a hero--not because of his military successes, but by his willingness to put aside force and make peace through negotiation with his enemy.  For a very brief time, it seemed that there might be a solution to the Middle East conflict, but his murder ended that hope.  Although my tiny piece cannot adequately represent the greatness of the man, it is sincerely dedicated to his memory and to a hope, however small, for peace.

Lament was premiered by Gordon Marsh on November 13, 1986, at the University of Chicago's Goodspeed Recital Hall.

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