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Not In B (2014)

variable duration



for an unspecified number of instrumentalists/vocalists with conductor or performer/leader


Program note

This piece is an improvisational framework with open instrumentation.  Not In B was premiered on the concert Who Needs Notation? by the Hong Kong Baptist University Contemporary Music Workshop on April 25, 2014 at Hong Kong Baptist University.  Other works on the concert were In A, a group improvisation on an expanding and contracting pitch collection,  In Bb, a 12 bar blues improvisation; and Terry Riley's minimalist masterpiece In C.


HO Hoi Shan Venus, YEUNG Tsz Yan Coco, flutes

YAN Wai Lam Carole, flute and alto flute

KAN Wai Nam Kelly, clarinet            

MA Man Ki, trumpet

HO Yu Cheung Charlie, oboe and English horn

LO Cheuk On  Byron, WONG Chun Yin Travis, CHAN Rebecca Pek Ga, violins

HO Ka Lok Samuel, piano               

YU King Yin Eric, electric guitar

CHOW Yin Ting Vonald, WU Tin Lap Jonathan, LAU Hiu Lam Helen, percussion

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