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Scampata #1 (1982)


available from the composer

duration ca. 5:00



for horn in F and trombone


Program Note

This five minute duet is based on a rhythmically driving octatonic theme, presented first in imitation. Constant meter changes characterize developments of the theme. The piece is shaped as a fast-slow-fast-fastest set of variations, with the use of the hocket technique in the second and third sections. The final section is marked Prestissimo possible and employs challenging meters such as 7/16 and 3/16 before a triumphal coda. The tonal language is primarily octatonic, with recognizable pitch centers and cadences. Scampata #1 was premiered by Peter Mason, horn and Kenneth Thompkins, trombone​ ​on April 12, 1987 at the American Society of University Composers National Conference, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois.


Technical Notes:

Difficulty - advanced college. The main problems lie in being able to make the constant meter changes at a fast tempo in the final section.

Range: Horn (written): from middle C to high Bb above the staff (one only). Tessitura is within the staff. Trombone: from D below the bass clef staff to A above middle C. Uses both bass and tenor clef. Requires F attachment. Tessitura is within the tenor clef staff.

Extended Techniques required: none

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