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Three Haiku (1977)


I.    Echoes of the eye

II.   Whales bellowing dawn

III.  A horsefly murmurs in a temple bell


available from the composer

duration ca.9:00



for two contrabassists and two percussionists


Program Note


Three Haiku was composed in response to a competition held by the International Society of Bassists for chamber music involving at least one bass.  At the time I was deeply influenced by the unique timbres in the music of George Crumb and the fascinating colors of John Cage's percussion pieces.  Although my piece did not win, when it was returned, a hand-written note complementing the work was included from Jon Deak, associate principal bassist of the New York Philharmonic.  Serendipitously, at the time I was a student at the Aspen Music Festival where Deak was teaching.  He was very helpful in putting together the premiered by students of the Festival on August 7, 1977, in Aspen, Colorado.


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