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Fantasy (1976, revised 1987)

available from the composer

duration ca. 6:00



for trombone quartet and tuba

A series of continuous variations, the Fantasy begins with a simple thematic statement that is first developed contrapuntally over hocket and ostinato passages at a brisk tempo, alternating in character between humorous and dramatic. The tempo then slows and the theme is developed lyrically, with both imitative and chordal statements at various times. A concluding faster passage interrupts the middle section; this final passage features a 7/8 version of the theme over a challenging ostinato in the tuba. The coda slows the tempo to a grandioso ending. This piece is stylistically influenced by the music of Bartok and Prokofiev.

Fantasy was premiered by Myron Medlin, Thomas Cooper, Christopher Coleman,​ David Harrison, trombones,  Dennis Morris, tuba​ on ​November 19, 1977 at The University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia.

Technical notes:

Difficulty: medium college

Range: High--trombone 1, C an octave above middle C; trombone 2, A above middle C; low--trombone 4, C two octaves below middle C; tuba, A two octaves and a third below middle C.

No extended or unusual techniques required. Trombones 2, 3, and 4 need cup mutes.

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